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Water cooled package AC

Ozone Packaged Water-Cooled Chiller is a cooling device that contains all of its primary components outside on a single package and produces a cooling effect by chilled air. Packaged Water-Cooled Chiller is energy efficient and highly reliable in performance configured by the pre-wiring and piping of the unit saving extra expenses and occupying less space due to single skidded compact design.

Packaged Water-Cooled Chiller is a self-contained cooling machine having an internal reservoir and water pump on a single skid and produces cooling by chilled water.


  • Cooling capacity ranges 2 Ton to 150 Ton
  • Temperature control ranges 7°C to 35°C
  • Top branded efficient hermetic compressor
  • Hot gas bypass control & crankcase heater
  • Aluminium or copper tube fin condenser
  • Suction accumulator & water flow switch
  • Insulated water and refrigerant pipelines
  • Fluid thermostat & charged refrigerant
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