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Hydraulic Oil chiller

Ozone Hydraulic Oil Chiller is a cooling device that is used to execute the chilling effect in oil used in hydraulic machines or lubricating oils processing. Hydraulic machinery is installed with hydraulic oil that gets heated during processing. Hydraulic Oil Chiller protects the machine from damage by absorbing extra heat from oil by direct contact with oil for heat transfer at the heat exchanger. Hydraulic Oil Chiller configured with simple, rugged design with less number of moving parts ensuring efficient, durable performance of unit with a lower cost of maintenance.


  • Cooling capacity ranges from 1.75kW to 35kW
  • Temperature control ranges +15°C to +50°C
  • Energy-efficient top branded compressor
  • Air-Cooled, fin & tube type branded condenser
  • Brazed Plate energy efficient Heat Exchanger
  • High-pressure pump for oil & glycol solution
  • Open-loop with media tank & low noise level
  • Indoor and outdoor installation with protection
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