Modular Water Cooled Chiller

Modular Water Cooled Chiller

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Modular Water cooled chiller

Modular Water-Cooled Chiller use is a refrigeration system-based device where water is used for cooling or heating purposes releasing heat outside the environment.

Modular Water-Cooled Chiller is used for HVAC system with high reliability providing large cooling capacity by combining more than one module, ensuring retrofitting of old heating and cooling of air conditioning equipment.


  • Cooling /heating capacity ranges up to 250 Ton
  • Top Branded, energy-efficient compressors
  • Factory-installed microprocessor-based controller
  • Single circuit or dual circuit refrigeration systems
  • Heat recovery capability, up to 140°F/ 60°C
  • Sound sensitive, sound isolating cabinets and hoods
  • Electrical connections to each separate module
  • Pressure protection/compressor overload protection
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