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Industrial Air cooled Chiller

Ozone Air solution ltd Industrial Air-Cooled Chiller is a cooling device working on a refrigeration system to produce cooling by absorbing heat from processed water and releasing it to the chilled air around the condenser. Industrial Air-Cooled Chiller is widely used for industrial applications or to dehumidify the air of a system.

Industrial Air-Cooled Chiller is designed for highly precise and efficient performance featured by automatic processing of single or multiple compressors detecting load and starts a compressor with requirements. Microprocessor temperature controller and protection devices make Industrial Air-Cooled Chiller durable having a low cost of maintenance and longer service life.


  • Cooling capacity ranges 0.5 to 100 TR
  • Temperature control ranges from +5°C to +30°C
  • Branded, energy-efficient Scroll compressor
  • Chilled water flow rate up 0.28 m³/h to 29 m³/h per hour
  • Air-cooled type condenser with high efficiency
  • Built-in tank evaporator with copper coils
  • PLC-based temperature controller installation.
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