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Chillers Service And Maintenance

Ozone Air Solution Ltd was established in the year 2012 to cater to industries in HVAC services and spare sales as also managing entire Utility of industries by providing skilled manpower. Ozone Air Solution has completed its 10 years of
operations, and established as market leader in electrical chiller servicing. Chiller decaling service Chiller maintenance service, Chiller compressor overhauling work Chiller modification, chiller commissioning, Maintenance like pressure testing, vaccumizing, gas charging, chiller installation. Chiller electrical panel design with Microprocessor and PLC based, modification in existing panel .we are also provide rental purpose chiller. Chiller compressor re-winding work Chiller maintenance service providing all over INDIA

We Are Checking & performing routine maintenance on chillers and cooling towers, including cleaning and repairing pumps, compressors, and evaporators. Maintaining records of equipment use for billing purposes. Installing new cooling equipment when needed. Supervising and coordinating the activities of subordinate personnel. Operating, installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC equipment. Estimating time and materials. Maintaining confidentiality of work related information and materials.

Preventive maintenance is the act of performing regularly scheduled maintenance
activities to help prevent unexpected failures in the future. Put simply, it’s about fixing things before they break.

There’s often an impulse to regard preventive maintenance and predictive
maintenance as completely distinct entities. Unfortunately, this attempt to frame the relationship in simple terms of preventive maintenance vs. predictive maintenance misses key point.

In reality, predictive maintenance is a more evolved form of preventive maintenance. Both types try to proactively anticipate and prevent mechanical failures.But predictive maintenance takes the concept even further.

There are 4 major types of preventive maintenance. Each is built around the
concept of planned maintenance, although they are all organized and scheduled
differently, to suit different business operation purposes.

Usage-based preventive maintenance

Usage-based preventive maintenance is triggered by the actual utilization of an asset. This type of maintenance takes into account the average daily usage or
exposure to environmental conditions of an asset and uses it to forecast a due date for a future inspection or maintenance task.

Calendar/time-based preventive maintenance

Calendar/time-based preventive maintenance occurs at a scheduled time, based on a calendar interval. The maintenance action is triggered when the due date
approaches and necessary work orders have been created.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is designed to schedule corrective maintenance actions
before a failure occurs. The team needs to first determine the condition of the
equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed. Then
maintenance tasks are scheduled to prevent unexpected equipment failures.

Prescriptive maintenance

Prescriptive maintenance doesn’t just show that failure is going to happen and
when, but also why it’s happening. This type of maintenance helps analyze and
determine different options and potential outcomes, in order to mitigate any risk to the operatio

Marine Refrigeration Service

To meet the diversified requirements of our prestigious clients, we are engaged in offering Marine Refrigeration Repairing Services. Our engineers are well informed with knowledge and latest domain trends. They are focused towards providing clientcentric service that leads them to offer wonderful and highly satisfied maintenance services to the clients.

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