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Brewery Chiller

Ozone Air solution ltd industrial chillers are ideal in food, beverage and dairy processing applications. Our team will design, manufacture and install entire chiller systems, specific to your application. Additional applications include dough mixers, jacketed vessels, roll cooling, cooling tunnels, dairy, wine, distillation, heat exchangers and more. Thermal Care also manufactures glycol chillers for breweries, maintaining temperature in the cooling fermentation tanks during the fermentation process. Want to save money? Consider an air-cooled chiller vs a water-cooled chiller.


  • Cooling capacity ranges from 3.5 KW to140 KW
  • Temperature control ranges from 0°C to -35°C
  • Top branded energy-efficient scroll compressor
  • Copper cooling wires & heat exchanger
  • Microcomputer chip & In-built memory function
  • Large refrigeration capacity & quiet operation
  • Easy installing, repairing, and maintenance
  • Overheat and Current auto-protection system
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