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Water cooled Brine Chillers

Water cooled Brine Chillers

The Brine Chillers are designed with the effort of our diligent staff. We use glycol at low temperatures to bring up the temperature to operating temperature of (-) 50°c. For this purpose,online gambling australia clients can avail various kind of refrigerants like R-22 (Freon), R-407c and R-134a. Both R-407c and R-134a are environment neighborly and non-ozone draining refrigerants. These are available with different kinds of compressor like single stage open type/ double stage open type, double stage semi hermetic, single stage screw depending on different sizes. Raw materials are used carefully for its fabrication depending on their temperature applications. Special alloys like steel or ultra lower temperature is used for the application. These are available in both air cooled and water cooled temperature. These chillers can work upto the ambient temperature of 480°c and various operating voltages.


• Capacity ranges from :-30 TR to 150 TR
• Highly efficient with low noise levels. Due to few moving parts such as male & female screws and slider valve, these compressors have minimal wear and tear. Each compressor has capacity control from 25% to 100%, making it suitable for varying load applications and efficient under part load conditions. The capacity control also helps in limiting the starting current.
• Factory made and tested DX and Flooded evaporators, made as per highest international standards of manufacturing
• Electronic expansion valves for increased efficiency and precise temperature control
• Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities

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