Panel Air Conditioner

Panel Air conditioner

Ozone Air solution Ltd Panel air conditioner is designed specifically to cool and dehumidify the internal environment of cabinet and enclosures which are used to package electronic components, thus assuring a cool, clean atmosphere for optimum performance and longevity The advent of factory automation “and the demand for higher productivity levels have resulted in the use of state of the art and highly sensitive electronic hardware such as drives, VFD’s, SSR’s, PLC, Thermistors, etc. in CNC machine tools, robotics, materials, materials, material system control panels. And other automation tools to achieve these high productivity levels, for this electronic hardware. Clean and controlled environment “is very important. Our panel air conditioners provide protection against heat dust and humidity for your significant and costly trouble-free performance.

Room, or ambient air drawn into the air conditioner through the inlet filter, across the compressor and through the condenser coil is usually dirty, dusty and or humid, depending upon the specific environment. The blower discharges this air back to the ambient environment. The temperature of this discharge air will be quite warm or actually hot, depending on the ambient temperature and the workload imposed on the air conditioner.

Inside humidity above sixty per cent would increase corrosion and cause erratic behavior due to air path leakage. The ideal value is fifty five per cent and this too must be held steady. The worst time for humidity problems is during the rainy season when it is hot and humid or in the sunny periods after the rain passes. The inlet filter removes most of the dirt so that relatively clean air passes through the condenser coil

Features :

  • State of the art LCD temperature controller
  • Potential free alarm for high and low temperature
  • Available in special voltage and frequency
  • Three Phase power supply
  • Stainless Steel body
  • High Ambient operation with Air cooled condenser
  • Hot Gas Bypass valve for Accurate Temperature Control
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