Industrial Chillers

Industrial Water Chiller

We are manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of high-quality Water Chillers & Industrial water chillers from India. Our Water Chillers are designed following international standards. It is manufactured using renowned scroll compressors make available from Danfoss and Copeland. The design of our water chiller is fully microprocessor based suitable for cooling applications ranging from (+) 20°C up to (-) 15°C and for lower temperatures It is engrossed with multiple scroll compressors along with individual refrigeration circuits. Thus,online gambling australia is rated for an ambient of up to (+) 48 ° C and cooling tower water temperature up to (+) 37°C at the inlet of the condenser. The clients have an option of using CFC free refrigerant
R-407c & R-134a along with in-built process pump and stainless steel chilled water expansion tank.

• Capacity ranges from :- 2 TR to 80 TR
• Easy Installation
• Instant Cooling
• Less Power Consumption
• Efficient Performance
• Durable Standard
• Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities

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