Air Cooled Packaged Chillers

Air Cooled Packaged Chiller

We Are an Official Organization Engaged in Manufacturing, Supplying and A Qualitative Range of Domestic.Air Cooled PackagedChillers are designed using sealed and scroll compressors sourced from danfoss and Copeland. These are available with multiple scroll compressors equipped in one machine.. Fabricated with a microprocessor that is suitable for process cooling applications ranging from (+) 20°c up to (-) 5°c. it is available with in-built process pump and stainless steel chilled water expansion tank rated for an ambient temperature of (+) 50°c.. These equipment are used with refrigerants such as R-407c,R-134a,R-22


• Capacity ranges from 1 TR to 75 TR
• Dependable hermetic Scroll Compressor significantly reducing energy consumption and noise levels.
• High quality’s branded Air Cooled Condenser for easy condensing
• Easy Installation and Less Maintenance
• Low Power Consumption
• Equipped with stainless steel chilled water tank and water circulation Pumps with thermal protection

Safety Controls

High and Low pressure protection switch, overload protection switch, online water flow switch, high and low voltage protection switch, single phase preventer and etc.

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