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Air Cooled Chillers

Air Cooled Packaged Chiller

We Are an Official Organization Engaged in Manufacturing, Supplying and A Qualitative Range of Domestic.Air Cooled PackagedChillers are designed using sealed and scroll compressors sourced from danfoss and Copeland. These are available with multiple scroll compressors equipped in one machine.. Fabricated with a microprocessor that is suitable for process cooling applications ranging from (+) 20°c up to (-) 5°c. it is available with in-built process pump and stainless steel chilled water expansion tank rated for an ambient temperature of (+) 50°c.. These equipment are used with refrigerants such as R-407c,R-134a,R-22


• Capacity ranges from 1 TR to 75 TR
• Dependable hermetic Scroll Compressor significantly reducing energy consumption and noise levels.
• High quality’s branded Air Cooled Condenser for easy condensing
• Easy Installation and Less Maintenance
• Low Power Consumption
• Equipped with stainless steel chilled water tank and water circulation Pumps with thermal protection

Safety Controls

High and Low pressure protection switch, overload protection switch, online water flow switch, high and low voltage protection switch, single phase preventer and etc.

Air Cooled Reciprocating Chillers

Reciprocating chillers are adapted with reciprocating compressor brands like Bock,Carrier,Sea-bird,Bitzer (Germany), Emerson. These chillers are fully automatic control based and applicable for process temperature at +20c to -40c. These chillers are manufactured by using world class standard heat exchanger, and refrigerant control device. These machines are designed on the base of CFC free refrigerants -R-407c / 404a.


Capacity ranges from :- 2 TR to 120 TR
• Environment-friendly very stable and operation friendly refrigerant R-407c.
• Electronic expansion valves for increased efficiency and precise temperature control.
• Low FPI count and high condensing area together with low noise, high flow, pressure-controlled axial fans, ensuring best possible energy efficiency while being operable within the harshest ambient conditions.
• Capacity control from 25% to 100% adapting precisely to varying process loads.
• Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities.
• Customized turnkey cooling solutions available.

Air Cooled Screw Chillers

Screw Chillers

A new generation of Air Cooled Screw Chillers, Scroll with refrigerant R134a is being added to
the present range of R22-Air Cooled. These Chillers are energy efficient and robust in construction and are developed with latest technology which includes R134a optimized screw compressor, highly efficient DX cooler and air cooled condenser.It is designed using microprocessor that is suitable for working at ambient temperature ranging from (+) 20°c up to 50°c and for low lower temperatures of up to (-) 50°c please refer brine chillers. The supposed screw compressor imported from Bitzer (Germany) and frascold (Italy). It performs without using CFC refrigerants like R-407c and R-134a.


• Capacity ranges from 40 TR to 250 TR
• Available with eco-friendly R134a refrigerant.
• Advanced Optimized control panel.
• Extremely low noise and vibration.
• Factory fitted excellent protection controls.
• Precise continuous capacity control technology. (25% to 100%)
• Electronic expansion valves for increased efficiency and precise temperature
• Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities

Air- cooled Screw chiller

Ozone air solution manufacturing screw Chillers for various applications. A new generation of Air Cooled Screw Chillers with refrigerant R134a , R407C are being added to the present range of R22-Air Cooled and Water Cooled Screw Chillers..

Electronic expansion valves and the advanced MCS Magnum Controller are also incorporated. The units have a very low input kW/TR are tested in our state-of-theart test lab to validate the performance.


• With single compressor:75 TR, 102 TR, 145 TR, to 206 TR
• With Double Compressor: 150 TR, 177 TR, 204 TR, 247 TR, 290 TR, 320 TR, 366
• With triple compressors: 328 TR, 390 TR, and 420 TR.
• Highly efficient and low noise compressors
• Tested in accordance with ARI/European standards
• Step less capacity control, from 25% to 100% making it suitable for varying
load applications and efficient under part load conditions.
• Refrigerant liquid to liquid type heat exchanger provided for Economizer
system. Liquid refrigerant is sub-cooled to enhance the capacity thereby
reducing power
consumption and enhancing the Coefficient of Performance.
• Oil cooler and liquid injection for high ambient operation
• Shell and tube evaporator has been built using imported, doubly enhanced and
highly efficient finned copper tubes.
• RS 232 and RS 485 ports for remote connectivity, fault indication and status
• BMS compatibility with Mod bus as a standard feature. Optional translators
available for compatibility with JC, N2, BAC net.
• Economizer
• Oil cooler
• Liquid Refrigerant injection to cool motor winding during part load operation

Air Cooled Scroll Chillers

The Ozone Air Solution Scroll Chillers are known for high energy efficiency.These
are specially designed to work well within the extreme tropical weather conditions. The chillers are tested in compliance with the international standards of the industry. These are operation friendly and easy to install The chillers come with numerous compressor configurations.Every compressor is backed by an individual refrigeration circuit.This separate refrigeration circuit makes its maintenance easy

Scroll Chillers – Air & Water Cooled – R22 & R407C Flexible and energy-efficient chillers has introduced a wide range of air cooled and water cooled scroll chillers with R-22 and R-407C refrigerant options. Manufactured using world-class capabilities at it’s own ISO-9001 certified factory, these chillers are available in a wide range of capacities from 5 TR to 85 TR and are very easy to install and commission. What’s more these machines can handle varying cooling requirements, thanks to their multiple compressor configurations. Making them ideal for airconditioning office spaces, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, multiplexes and process cooling requirements


• Wide range of models in R22 and R407C refrigerant options
– Air Cooled: 10, 24, 36, 48, 60 & 80 TR
– Water Cooled: 11, 26, 39, 52 & 85 TR
• These chillers are pre-wired, fully charged and run-tested at the factory
thereby making it easy and less time-consuming for installation and start-up.
• Energy-efficient and reliable compressors
• Capacity modulation in steps
• Lower electrical infrastructure cost
• Quiet operation
• Mega power saving for tandem models (only in air cooled models)
• Microprocessor controller packed with intelligent features.
• Separate refrigeration circuits with every compressor.
• Tested tube evaporators.
• Environment friendly refrigerant R-407C / R-410A/ R-134A, available
• Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities,
• Automatic, stepped capacity control, through multiple compressor operation, from 33% to 100%

Online Drinking Water Chillers

Being the leading names in industry we are involved in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Online Drinking Water Chillers. Offered Water Chillers are highly reckoned among our clients due to their best quality and perfect finish. These have a robust construction and have long life. In addition, our products are checked on various parameters by our experts before they are dispatched.


• Capacity ranges from 5 TR to 40TR
• Easy to operate
• Fitted with apt safety device
• Gives you the desired temperature within 10 – 20 second
• Latest technology used for evaporation and cooling condenser
• Equipped with Precision Electronic Circuits High quality digital temperature display

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